INVITATION, pen présente Urban Bobby x Hyogo Leather
to Mar 16

INVITATION, pen présente Urban Bobby x Hyogo Leather

pen présente

Urban Bobby x Hyogo Leather

Sacs et accessoires

Vendredi 15 et Samedi 16 Février 2019

Avec l’aide du magazine «Pen » et de l’association des producteurs de cuir de la préfecture de Hyogo,

Bows&Arrows invite la marque « Urban Bobby » pour un pop-up store de deux jours, les Vendredi 15 et Samedi 16 Février.

« Urban Bobby » est une marque Japonaise de sacs et d’accessoires créée par deux sœurs : Masako et Tomoko Ijichi.

Bows & Arrows
17, Rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth 75003 Paris

Mardi : 13H - 19H30 / Mercredi-Samedi : 11H30 - 19H30

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to Feb 3




solde jusqu'à -60%

• MIKIA : Les Bracelets, -50%

• Kami Tray : Le Plateau, -50%

• Siwa Urushi : L'étui de passeport, -60%

• Siwa Starwards : La Pochette, -60%

• Siwa Starwards : Le Porte-cartes, -60%

• Siwa Starwards : Le Porte monnaie, -60%

• Roberu : L’étui pour iPhone, -60%

• Vincent Shoe : Les lacets de chaussure, -50%

• Vincent Shoe : La Cire de Chaussure, -50%

• Vincent Shoe : Accessoires Chaussures, -50%

• Buube : T-shirts 32€ et La Casquette, -30€

• Fujiyama : Verre à bière dans une boîte, -50%

• Time&Style : Verre à vin Cabernet, -60%

• Time&Style : Verre à Vin Mousseux, -60%

• Time&Style : Verre à bière ‘YAE’ , -60%

• Poterie de Mashiko: Tasse de bière, -40%

• Poterie de Mashiko: Bol de soupe de nouilles, -40%

• Poterie de Mashiko: Assiette en céramique, -40%

• Azmaya : Coupelles, -40%

• Kihara : Coupelles, -50%

• Azmaya : Reposoir pour baguettes, -40%

• PENCO : Hightide prime timber, -40%

• Sakurai Kokeshi : Poupée Kokshi de Naruko, -40%

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New Arrivals of the Week 49 - 2018
to Dec 9

New Arrivals of the Week 49 - 2018

TIME&STYLE - The “Bon Tray” series


Ryoka Bon Flower Tray is back to our store! -

The “Bon Tray” series comes in 5 styles: Rinka, Ryoka, Mokko, Kutsuwa and Hakkaku. The wooden trays were given names relating to the ornamentation of their edges. The trays which have usually been rectangular since old times are here revisited using elegant curved forms.


Available at our shop and E-shop

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New Arrivals of the Week 47 - 2018
to Nov 24

New Arrivals of the Week 47 - 2018

KINTO - Slow Coffee Style -

Coffee time with Kinto products

Coffee time with Kinto products

- Artisanal coffee maker series is back to our store! -

Brand Concept

SLOW COFFEE STYLE was born to bring you the joy of a slow, relaxing passage of time with pour over coffee. Organic forms, calm colors, and warm textures are designed to help you unwind. The items integrate well into spaces with a relaxing atmosphere. The collection gives depth to your daily ritual of brewing coffee.

Available at our shop and E-shop

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New Arrivals of the Week 46 - 2018
11:30 AM11:30

New Arrivals of the Week 46 - 2018

CHUSHIN KOBO - Iron Kettles -


Ironwork began in Yamagata 950 years ago during the Kohei Period. Yoroyoshi Minamoto got an order to conquer Oushu (an old part of Yamagata). During their battle in Yamagata, one of their warriors, (who happened to be a casting master) found that the sand along Mamigasaki river and the soil at Chitose Park was perfect for casting. He decided to move there and start working with the natural resources. Yamagata’s casting continues today and is based on everyday commodity and art. It has a winning distinction with a solid reputation of traditional thin casting technique and the beauty of the surface called “Thin Beauty”.

Yamagata’s casting continues up to today and is based on everyday commodity and art. It has a winning distinction with a solid reputation. Yamagata casting is characterized by the traditional casting called “Usuniku-birei”, which means the thin casting and the beauty of cast surface.

Craftsman Hisanori Masuda's casting studio, Chushin-kobo, aspires to design ironwork which integrates the beauty of traditional Japanese casting with modern day functionality.

Available at our shop and E-shop

Ordering other products from their catalog is also available at our Store (17 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, 75003, Paris)

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New Arrivals of the Week 43 - 2018
11:30 AM11:30

New Arrivals of the Week 43 - 2018



"MOKULOCK" are wooden blocks made from 6 types of natural wood (Japanese Cherry, Japanese Big Leaf Magnolia, Maple, Hornbeam, Birch, Japanese Zelkova) from Yamagata Prefecture. The manufacturer maintains the cutting accuracy of 1/100th cm with machines which are customised differently for all 6 types of woods.

Completely unpainted, unpigmented natural wood so it is safe for children. MOKULOCK does not use any chemicals from manufacturing to shipment.

MOKULOCK is a brand created by a technical company that makes electronic machinery, devices, parts, home appliances, medical equipment/medical electronic equipment, jigs, tools, mold components and toys.

Available at our shop and E-shop

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to Aug 22


Bows & Arrows



BOWS & ARROWSのショップは8月7日から22日まで閉店致します。 休暇後8月23日(木)11:30より開店致します。 オンラインショップは常時 WWW.JAPAN-BEST.NET迄。 

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11:30 AM11:30

Porter Yoshida&Co Archives

Bows & Arrows



Porter Yoshida&Co is a Japanese brand of bags and accessories. Over their 85 years of activities, they created +2000 different items through +200 collections. Even strong fan of the brand can't keep track of most of them as constantly, new limited drops, collaborations and exclusive collections are lunched.
At Bows & Arrows store, we have gathered archive pieces that are now displayed. Discover over 50 different collections, unique accessories, rare and OOAK bags.

Bows & Arrows
Bows & Arrows
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to Jul 15

Bows & Arrows featured on À Nous Paris

Bows & Arrows has been featured on À Nous Paris (09-15 July 2018, Hors-Série #2) about "Japonism" events held in Paris.


Stationary, cosmetic, tableware, bags, knives... On the raw shelves of the shop are gathered Japanese products with high & contemporary quality, most of them are exclusive in France. New arrivals on Thursday.
— À Nous Paris
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11:30 AM11:30

New Arrivals of the Week 27 - 2018


Mikia was established in 1998 in Tokyo, Japan. The designer, Aki Mitsubayashi travels the world and gets inspired by it, people, culture and things that she meets and feels: everything is treasure and become a jewelry. All Mikia bracelet is hand made in Japan, using natural stones, vintage beads and more, found when travelling. There is always a story for each material and you can feel it in every piece.
Available at our store and on pur e-shop.



Sensu is a new Japanese cosmetic brand dedicated to western skin, enriched with Japan's most beloved ingredients: yuzu and lotus.
Yuzu is a citrus from Asia, considered as a medicinal aliment and a true Japanese beauty secret used everyday and all possible ways: bath tube with some peels, moisturizing hair oil, day cream, cold detox juicy drinks, ...
Very rich in vitamin C, antioxydants and flavonoid, it protects the skin from pollution, and prevents aging and wrinkles.
Lotus is a sacred flower which evokes eternity. In 1951, one seed from one of the oldest lotus, dating from over 2000 years ago has been planted and grown in Kemigawa, Chiba prefecture.
Rich in fibers, vitamin C and antioxydants, lotus will delicately smooth and calm the skin while actively works against skin aging.
Sensu cosmetic is your perfect cosmetic line for this summer ! Coupling tonic lotion with a day cream and your skin will be protected from sun and moisturize all day long.
Available by tomorrow at the store and on our e-shop.

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to Aug 31

Bows & Arrows featured on M.P.A #16

Bows & Arrows has been featured on M.P.A. (Merci pour l'Adresse), July-August 2018. M.P.A. is an online and collective city guide, available as an updated website and app.
On their #16 edition, M.P.A. has gathered 18 bloggers and influencers to discover their secret spots all over the world.
Paris addresses are selected by Arnaud Chanteloup aka "Very Good Lord"

A shop dedicated entirely to objects from the land of the rising sun. e perfect place to nd original little gifts.
— @verygoodlord
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11:30 AM11:30

New Arrivals of the Week 26 - 2018

We're happy to welcome the new collection of Ten Studio. “Ten” is a brand that takes craft arts, materials, and handcraft techniques that are traditional to Japanand incorporates them into contemporary lifestyles and clothing.
The name is derived from the Japanese word for periods and commas. Like these marks,
ten is a connector that continuously moves us from one idea to the next in a never-ending book.
Using mainly organic cotton fabrics dating at least of 1 century old, Ten is creating patchwork products with the traditional technique of "Boro".
New collection is available for pre-order at our store only.

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11:30 AM11:30

New Arrivals of the Week 25 - 2018

We have the pleasure to invite you to discover Asako’s Iwamizu artwork at our shop all along June. And let yourself be conquered by her bright colors, positive feelings and good vibes

In 2018, Iwamizu Asako's activities as a plastician artist have reached its tenth year, she was stroke by Kimekomi technique in 2016, inspired by the manner wooden dolls of Japanese tradition are made Kimekomi pop art was born. Her experiences as a former fashion designer contributed also to her artwork evolving into fabric art with lots of originality. 

Seize the chance of acquiring one of her art works for yourself or think of getting your dad something unique to celebrate him getting one of her limited edition Parisian customized portraits.

Artworks and unique commissioned portrait can be purchase at our store until the end of June. Asako Iwamozu will be present during a small cocktail next week, Thursday 28th of June from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

New vintage kimonos and haoris are available at our store ! Our selection starts from the 20's to the 70's and are made from silk, coton and linen, embellished with embroidery, shibori tie&dye and indigo. Both women and men are available even if most of them are unisex.

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11:30 AM11:30

New Arrivals of the Week 24 - 2018

Siwa is a line of accessories made of "Naoron", a paper made of wood pulp mixed with polyolefin. Like leather, its living material is strong and durable. The brand Siwa is a play of word: from one side "Si + wa" means "shrink" and "Wa + Shi" means "paper", shrink being an important part of the creation of the material.
New arrival include wallets, coin cases and business card cases in different colors.


Buube bibs, t-shirts and jackets are now joined with a new 2018 collection including collaboration sweaters with Nike and light-weight caps.


We're happy to be the first store outside Japan gathering the full line of Moc'T clothing collection. Moc'T stands for "Mix, Original, Comfortable, Technical".Introduced in January this year, Moc'T carefully produce garments made of cotton on a loop-wheeled knitting machine, giving a smooth and stronger fabric.
A small selection of Moc'T apparel is already available at the store and on our e-shop. The full collection is ready to pre-order during Paris Men's Fashion Week held this month.

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11:30 AM11:30

New Arrivals of the Week 23 - 2018

Suuu sponges are back in stock ! Those cuties can absorb up to 150ml, which is pretty impressive compared to our classic yellow&green ones. Always have one around your sink or table and wipe out all water, dust and more important calcium ! 
Both Shizuku (drop) and Ishi (stone) are available in 4 colors at our store and our e-shop.


Only available at our store, a selection of authentic & antique kimonos, yukatas and obis made of silk, coton and linen.
Images are for reference only. ©Yamato Budoku/Japonic

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11:30 AM11:30

New Arrivals of the Week 22 - 2018

Inic is a new brand of soluble beverages from Japan. Thanks to its manufacturing innovations, Inic is able to keep rich aromas of tea, chocolate and coffee on a stick, available anytime of the day, in just 5 seconds !

  • Take just five seconds whether ice or hot

    INIC is fineness to the premium fine granule powder that achieves a misty coffee extract solution with a special instantaneously drying manufacturing method.
    You can see the difference at a glance from other powders.
    Therefore, this is an extraordinary product that takes just five seconds whether in hot or cold water.
    You can enjoy the luxurious taste of authentic coffee without trouble even when you are busy.

  • Clear coffee, No bitterness and acridity

    The challenge with conventional instant coffee was that an enormous burden was placed on the beans because it was extracted under conditions considered harsh on them (e.g. high heat).
    This even pulled out unnecessary turbidity, bitterness and acridity.
    Accordingly, we strictly set the optimal extraction temperature and extraction time for INIC coffee by ascertaining the characteristics of the Arabica blend to maximize just the attractions of the carefully selected coffee beans.
    We cut out the weak points of the beans through a delicate process to make coffee with just its deliciousness standing out. 

  • Absolutely no colorings, flavorings or additives

    The only ingredients of INIC coffee are coffee and dextrin. Dextrin is a natural substance made by breaking down starch.
    We use this to stabilize the quality of INIC coffee.
    We do not use any unnecessary colorings, flavorings or additives, so please drink with confidence.

  • A taste you will be never tiredof no matter how many times you drink it morning, afternoon and night

    INIC coffee has a moderately strong taste you can drink anytime.
    It has totally well-balanced harmony between the acidity and bitterness.
    It has an exhilarating feel when drunk that leaves you satisfied without leaving weight, so you will be never tired of it whenever you drink it.
    The top aroma that rises up in the moment it melts has a habit-forming aromanticness.


Discover a new selection of sunglasses from Kame ManNen, available at our store and on our e-shop.
Although manufacturing methods have changed over the years, Kame Mannen's passion for craftmanship still remains, evident in every piece. For years Kame Mannen has been at the cutting edge of new material technology. Skillful combination of titanium frames and gold plating were first developed by Kame ManNen in Japan.  

Founder Shigeru Wakabayashi believes in the timeless, good-old and his brand thus stands in constrast to the fast-paced and trend-driven world of today.

KameManNen values understatement. Money is not invested in marketing but back into the product to keep the highest standard of quality. To name an example that illustrates this: Kame Mannen sticks to the traditional, costly and time-consuming method of making acetate temples that prevent the acetate to move with time. 

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11:30 AM11:30

Bows & Arrows featured on Elle Zen

Bows & Arrows has been featured on Elle website, category "Zen" with Makanai Silk Cocoons available on our e-shop here.

—Wellness: these little pleasures that change everything —
Do you want a spring only made of softness ? Here are our selection of objects and little pleasures to make your daily life brighter.

Ancient beauty secret of geisha and Japanese empresses, this beauty item from Makanai has to be put as thimble. Humidify with warm water and draw tiny circles on your face. Say good bye to dead skin !
— Elle
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3:00 PM15:00

Tea Ceremony by artist Mai Ueda at Bows & Arrows

We are very glad to welcome artist Mai Ueda at Bows & Arrows this Saturday for a pleasant tea moment.

Mai Ueda x Bows & Arrows

Mai Ueda is a contemporary artist who has lived in cities including New York, Los Angels, Berlin and Paris. Her work can not be restricted also she has worked across mediums including internet, poetry, performance, music, fashion, drawings, ceramic and tea ceremonies, lately interested and learning Noh theatre in Japan. More at Mai is also a co founder of world tea gathering a movement to explore new way of tea with spirit of tradition together with Adam Somu who will be joining and supporting the tea gathering at Bows and Arrows.

Tea ceremony starting at 3pm, Saturday 19th May of 2018.
Bows & Arrows / Japan-Best
17, Rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth
75003 Paris

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to May 31

Bows & Arrows featured on Elle (May 2018)

Bows & Arrows has been featured on Elle magazine (N°3778) of May 2018. Inès de la Fressange, french top model and entrepreneur has gathered her favorite shopping addresses in Paris and talk about our store:

We think in Japan, it’s a must to by kimonos and fans but I really like to bring back a lot of gadgets, from notebook to pen to copper kettle. But if you really want, Bows & Arrows also sells kimonos.
— Inès de la Fressange
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