About Us


A store 100% dedicated to the finest Japanese brands…

Bows & Arrows is a concept store selling a selection of contemporary Japanese lifestyle brands: 

  • Stationary brands

  • Tableware brands with items designed and produced by Japanese craftsmen

  • Innovative beauty brands and hand-made make-up brushes from Hiroshima Prefecture

  • Knives and scissors from the Banshu Hamono district

  • Selected food

  • Accessories and bags from the cult brand « Porter-Yoshida&Co »

  • Art books and publications

  • Artworks by young Japanese artists

  • Antiques

  • Limited edition items exclusively made for Bows&Arrows, only available at the store

To make our selection, we travel to Japan several times per year and draw on the knowledge of our Japanese curator friends. We also get inspiration from our connections among designers, craftsmen, artists, galleries and workshops or small factories. 

The store only sells: 

  • Japanese brands

  • Products made by skilled craftsmen

  • Contemporary and good-design products

  • Products that everyone can enjoy and use in their daily life

The store receives new items from Japan every Thursday: always changing, always bringing new surprises and/or inviting new artists and craftsmen for special events. 

Bows&Arrows will also organise a few events per month where customers can experience Japanese culture such as Ikebana flower arrangement, tea ceremony or Japanese gift wrapping, screenings or music nights...

Bows&Arrows is the retail branch of the « Japan- Best »  distribution company based in Paris, dealing with the international wholesale distribution of more than 10 Japanese brands. 


The « Bows & Arrows » team

Tamaki Kashima, store manager

Arrow Nakajima, founder, co-owner and curator

Thierry Lamoine, founder, co-owner and curator (thierrylamoine@hoghan.com)

George Qu, in charge of wholesale operations (georgequ@hoghan.com)