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New Arrivals of the Week 22 - 2018

Inic is a new brand of soluble beverages from Japan. Thanks to its manufacturing innovations, Inic is able to keep rich aromas of tea, chocolate and coffee on a stick, available anytime of the day, in just 5 seconds !

  • Take just five seconds whether ice or hot

    INIC is fineness to the premium fine granule powder that achieves a misty coffee extract solution with a special instantaneously drying manufacturing method.
    You can see the difference at a glance from other powders.
    Therefore, this is an extraordinary product that takes just five seconds whether in hot or cold water.
    You can enjoy the luxurious taste of authentic coffee without trouble even when you are busy.

  • Clear coffee, No bitterness and acridity

    The challenge with conventional instant coffee was that an enormous burden was placed on the beans because it was extracted under conditions considered harsh on them (e.g. high heat).
    This even pulled out unnecessary turbidity, bitterness and acridity.
    Accordingly, we strictly set the optimal extraction temperature and extraction time for INIC coffee by ascertaining the characteristics of the Arabica blend to maximize just the attractions of the carefully selected coffee beans.
    We cut out the weak points of the beans through a delicate process to make coffee with just its deliciousness standing out. 

  • Absolutely no colorings, flavorings or additives

    The only ingredients of INIC coffee are coffee and dextrin. Dextrin is a natural substance made by breaking down starch.
    We use this to stabilize the quality of INIC coffee.
    We do not use any unnecessary colorings, flavorings or additives, so please drink with confidence.

  • A taste you will be never tiredof no matter how many times you drink it morning, afternoon and night

    INIC coffee has a moderately strong taste you can drink anytime.
    It has totally well-balanced harmony between the acidity and bitterness.
    It has an exhilarating feel when drunk that leaves you satisfied without leaving weight, so you will be never tired of it whenever you drink it.
    The top aroma that rises up in the moment it melts has a habit-forming aromanticness.


Discover a new selection of sunglasses from Kame ManNen, available at our store and on our e-shop.
Although manufacturing methods have changed over the years, Kame Mannen's passion for craftmanship still remains, evident in every piece. For years Kame Mannen has been at the cutting edge of new material technology. Skillful combination of titanium frames and gold plating were first developed by Kame ManNen in Japan.  

Founder Shigeru Wakabayashi believes in the timeless, good-old and his brand thus stands in constrast to the fast-paced and trend-driven world of today.

KameManNen values understatement. Money is not invested in marketing but back into the product to keep the highest standard of quality. To name an example that illustrates this: Kame Mannen sticks to the traditional, costly and time-consuming method of making acetate temples that prevent the acetate to move with time.