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New Arrivals of the Week 27 - 2018


Mikia was established in 1998 in Tokyo, Japan. The designer, Aki Mitsubayashi travels the world and gets inspired by it, people, culture and things that she meets and feels: everything is treasure and become a jewelry. All Mikia bracelet is hand made in Japan, using natural stones, vintage beads and more, found when travelling. There is always a story for each material and you can feel it in every piece.
Available at our store and on pur e-shop.



Sensu is a new Japanese cosmetic brand dedicated to western skin, enriched with Japan's most beloved ingredients: yuzu and lotus.
Yuzu is a citrus from Asia, considered as a medicinal aliment and a true Japanese beauty secret used everyday and all possible ways: bath tube with some peels, moisturizing hair oil, day cream, cold detox juicy drinks, ...
Very rich in vitamin C, antioxydants and flavonoid, it protects the skin from pollution, and prevents aging and wrinkles.
Lotus is a sacred flower which evokes eternity. In 1951, one seed from one of the oldest lotus, dating from over 2000 years ago has been planted and grown in Kemigawa, Chiba prefecture.
Rich in fibers, vitamin C and antioxydants, lotus will delicately smooth and calm the skin while actively works against skin aging.
Sensu cosmetic is your perfect cosmetic line for this summer ! Coupling tonic lotion with a day cream and your skin will be protected from sun and moisturize all day long.
Available by tomorrow at the store and on our e-shop.