MOKULOCK Wood Blocks

Mokulock was a brand created by a technical company that makes electronic machinery, devices, parts, home appliances, medical equipment/medical electronic equipment, jigs, tools, mold components and toys.

MOKULOCK BLOCKS was primarily designed to develop children’s creativity and enhance their senses by stimulating them with its characteristics driven by its natural materials.

Despite such background, MOKULOCK’s customers are not limited to TOY retailers but all adults in DESIGN industry because of its appearance. The common impressions of people who touch MOKULOCK for the first time are very positive with unexpected joy and satisfaction of confirming the alternative utility of unused yet sustainable material.

Conditioning the natural material at the best moisture and temperature level is the most important process of making a precise toy, which will last for long time. The wood is dried for 6 months in a small room with a hydromatic heating system. It is then sent to be cut by a machine robot and then sanded by hand. After that each piece is inspected to make sure that it is flawless. From there everything is taken to the packaging facility. This company supports disabled people and relies on them to do the packaging.

Lifestyle of co-existing with nature nearby and depending on resources produced through cultivating the forest is still rooted in everyday life for many, making the unchanging character of the people of Yamagata.

Preservation of Natural Resources:

They maintain the local mountains for healthier environment.

Together with the help by local children, even MOKULOCK sawdust plays an important role as the fertilizer.

Since trees cannot thrive when growing close together in the mountains without sunlight filtering in, some trees in Yamagata are carefully cut down in winter using snow as a cushion. Trees cut down for forest thinning, and ones unsuited for architecture or furniture uses are to be processed into pieces that provide us delightful lives with warmth.

Since different types of wood are used, you will receive a box of different types of woods which include: Japanese Cherry, Japanese Zelkova, Hornbeam, Maple, Birch, Japanese Magnolia.

MOKULOCK is simply carved out from a solid piece of wood. No surface finishing oil, chemical, paint, or glue is used.

Moreover, MOKULOCK’s safeness has been proved by qualifications of various safety standard examinations around the world.