Hightide Tape Dispenser

A simple, rugged steel tape dispenser. With rust and scratch resistant hammer tone finish, industrial coloring. With two sizes of S / L, S size is perfect for masking tape etc. It is a tape base that is perfect for professional use with a bottom screw hole for fixing to a wall or desk. L size upgraded the body weight, renewed more easy to use on the desktop.

Nagashi Somen:

Nagashi Somen is a unique way of serving the thin white noodle via flowing cold water, conventionally slide down from sliced bamboo that is sliced in half. Diners will have to use chopstick to pick up the noodles as they float down from the bamboo pipe, dip them into cold dipping sauce before eating, as would the way we eat cold soba.

The most famous Nagashi Somen can be found at Hirobun restaurant, situated in Kibune, Kyoto. They only serve Nagashi Somen in the Summer, when you can sit on a platform "Kawadoko (川床)" with the river as background while having fun enjoying your noodle in a bizarre manner. But you will have to be skillful and quick though, noodles that aren't caught will not be re-cycled. And when you see the red somen coming, that means it's your final chance before giving up your seat to others in the queue. Chances are, you will not feel full after the session, but it's the experience you are after anyway.

It is a wonderful refreshing summer dish and very fun.