Clean your home, body, and mind to prepare for the Yew Year

In Japan we have a tradition of cleaning our houses and our bodies before the new year. House cleaning involves throwing away clutter and unnecessary items for a clean new start. A deep clean in the house that we usually prefer to do by ourselves. Cleaning can be a part of meditation. Whether or not you have someone to help you during your busy schedule in the year, it is always good to do this clean yourself to check all of the points that may have been missed, go through belongings, rearrange furniture and lifestyle. It is very meditative … nostalgic, deciding what to keep and what to toss, creative, and deciding how you want to start the next year.

After that process is completed we clean our bodies. Scrubbing off all the dirt and grind of last year. Soaking in a bath. In Japan we go to the hot springs but when they aren’t available we take a long bath with bath salts. This is also the end of the meditation, letting the steam enter your lungs and clean your spirit.

Some of the products that we recommend for the body washing process:

Makanai Scrubbing Towels: Many types to be found at

Woven from cotton and strings made from natural washi paper which are naturally soft and durable, while leaving a gentle and pleasant after-wash unique to the Japanese bathing culture.

These body wash towels made from Japanese washi paper pulp, have been awarded Gold in the 2014 Omotenashi Selection. This award is a program dedicated to discovering, screening and awarding exciting products and services that epitomize the concept of omotenashi, a unique spirit of the Japanese culture.


We also Love the selection of bath salts. Many different types:


Binchotan Charcoal Peeling Towel :

The fibers of the peeling towel are enriches with Binchotan charcoal, which cleanses the skin and absorbs dirt and bacteria and lightly prevent from sweating. It is perfectly suitable for both face and body as its composition is lightly scrubbing.


Uno Hake Brushes (Since 1917) for a nice good back and body scrub!

“Hake” are brushes formed by two separate pieces of wood that bind the hair and the hair fibers are planted by hand inside the wooden holes and strung together. After this the hairs are cut to symmetry.

These brushes have been modernized to have an array of modern uses. For home use, to clean your face, body, clothes, shoes, etc.


We hope you enjoy our selection of Bath goods.