Champagne & Wine Glasses for your holiday season

Time and Style started out in 1990 as a merchant of furniture in Tokyo. The company continues to challenge the development of creating a living environment with a commitment to handmade, supporting craftsmen, while remaining contemporary. They produce “tools for life” that have been individually created by craftsmen using high quality materials, while fusing modern lifestyle with culture and tradition, as well as finding a sense of harmony and silence that are an essential part of Japanese culture. This can be felt in the delicate forms and materials that we find in their products.

It’s the union of Time and Style’s expertise in design, and knowing the right craftsmen who can bring everything together and produce a beautiful product. 

We offer a variety of glasses for different types of champagne, wine, beer, sake for you to enjoy their aromas, colors, and flavors. 

The champagne and wine glasses have supple curves, which provides a beautiful appearance, a delicate stem made thin as possible while being strong and durable.  

We also have water glasses called “Moon Glasses” in a series of  4 for the different stages of  the moon: 

Thinly blown glass with a thickness of 0.8mm. Surprisingly light when held, it features an extravagant usability and a delicate texture which accentuates the true flavor of your drinks. A sand-blast which stylishly and beautifully complements the thin glass is applied as an accent. 

We hope you enjoy our selection!