Inner Lights Exhibition By Ricci Mondo On April 19th

Born in Kobe in 1950, Ricci Mondo is been living both in France and Japan, while working as a photographer and fashion designer.

Taking picture has always been Ricci's favorite medium of creation, starting in his early age with analog then digital. During his graduation at Kyoto University of Arts, his main working area was the dark room to play with chemicals in the aim of obtaining lights treatments and paper. But Ricci got frustrated by analog restrictions and leaved his experiments apart of his photographing work.

With the boom of digital photography, Ricci Mondo was able to experiment again with retouching and go deeper with treatments, playing with colors to find a deeper understanding of every shoot. He discovered lights hidden in the dark and how he can draw colors and lights from objects.

Underpass3 のコピー_preview.jpg
Traffic4 のコピー 2_preview.jpg
Shinachi3 のコピー_preview.jpg
Ring1 のコピー_preview.jpg
KobeKS3 のコピー_preview.jpg
GFront2-4 のコピー_preview.jpg
Chayamachi2 のコピー_preview.jpg
Chayamachi1 のコピー 2_preview.jpg
accumulation2 のコピー_preview.jpg

Prints will be available for purchase in a very limited edition:
A0 & B2, editions of 2
A3, B4, A4, editions of 8