Kaminoshigoto Notebooks

"Gifts from Gifu, the Land of Clear Waters"

The Gifu area of Japan is surrounded with crystal clear water, flowing through lush forests. The blessings of these clear waters are deeply rooted in our lives, manifesting themselves in our local craftsmanship of woodworks, Mino Washi Japanese paper, cutlery and ceramics.

Traditional craftsmanship of Gifu 's 14 leading manufacturers combined with Mr. Sebastian Conran's "functional design in everyday life .A great example of "Japanese spirit combined with contemporary flair. Born of a fusion between East and West.

Since its formation Kaminoshigoto has engaged in the production and sales of traditional Japanese Lantern Washi. They also enjoy a wide share as a distributor of Washi related products and a variety of Mino Washi. They have also expanded their business into Washi printing using new such technologies as silkscreen and inkjet printing. Whilst continuing with traditional craftsmanship, they are also developing their own products and new technologies. By taking advantage of their accumulated knowledge, Kaminoshigoto is always seeking new possibilities and is committed to enriching lives with high quality products made from Mino Washi.

Each of these notebooks are inspected for the quality of the washi paper and hand sewn. With the current production system, using modern techniques and traditional craftsmanship, these are beautiful books that are affordable. We have a selection 2 sizes of these notebooks at our store.