Yuzu Kosho - Japanese Citris Pepper

Japanese condiment made from fresh chiles (most often green or red Thai or bird's eye chiles) then fermented with salt along with zest and juice from yuzu.

Yuzu kosho is a chilies (usually green or red bird’s eye chilies) which is fermented with  yuzu (Japanese citris) until it becomes a thick delicious paste. We like to have it in mixed in with the soy sauce used to dip in sashimi, sometimes gyoza, etc. It’s a wonderful seasoning from everything including sauces, dressings, and we use it on everything from grilled meats, vegetables, beef tartar, pizza’s, etc.

Beautiful balance between green chili and fresh yuzu, no bitterness. One thing that is particularly special is that it cuts through strong flavors such as fish, fatty meats, etc without overwhelming the taste. It just lightens and freshens the taste.

Ingredients: Yuzu peel, pepper, salt.

Come try some at our store. If you like your food with a little spice, you will be addicted like we are.