Haru - Stuck On Design

Haru is the perfect tape that you can color up a room or a space. There are many colors and patters so whatever you can imagine, you can make. There are various sizes as well.

The tape sticks to the wall but is gently enough to put on and take off without ruining your walls or having to repaint.

The essence of this new collection has been made possible with our technology. Each material influences color, pattern and functionality (easy to come off, but with a lasting hold). Such functions were made possible with our experience in developing

There are different types of paper for different purposes.

Japanese washi paper can be thin but quite strong.

By incorporating this material, the tape can be easily torn with your hands, while still enjoying the matte finish and soft washi texture.

PET tape was developed for markings on hospital and gym-floors. The surface is glossy. Strong adhesive and easy removal without leaving traces reflects our technology.

OPP tape, transparent:

Made of material with a washi-like texture, the transparent part blends with the tape below, allowing the beautiful patterns to stand out. A variety of rich expressions is made possible by overlaying tapes of different material. Our technology allows us to provide you with the fine texture and adhesive strength best suited for your needs.

Please come see all the options that are available.