Gutsman Toe Socks

The strong brand of socks for a sports and running.

Technology of strong five finger socks is used and five finger socks were developed for running. There are many reasons for this, the most obvious being so that your toes don’t rub up against each others causing blisters.

Toe socks also provide better balance in general. When Japanese builders work, they use “Tabi shoes” and toe socks for better balance.

Gutsman has a large selection of rich color variation and variation. The company encourages you to use these socks for not only marathon and running, but also for walking, yoga, pilates, training, and golf, etc.

These socks are also made so with anti odor qualities. Uses patented "mu-func." thread, which has anti-bacterial and deoderant effects. The seam around the toe is strategically placed on the outside to prevent friction and callusing. 

Tapered leg area to encourage better blood cirulation for exteneded wear with high-top boots. The support of the arch is also very important in the design. 

Reinforced with pile in high friction areas (heel, sole, toes, ankle) for increased protection.

Both high socks and ankle socks are available.