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New Arrivals of the Week 17 - 2018

Tokyo-based eyewear brand „Ayame“ was established by Yu Imaizumi in 2010. Having worked in the beauty industry as a hair & make-up artist from the age of 16-21, he now applies his passion of "making faces more beautiful" to the creative direction of Ayame. 

The desire to create his own sunglasses evoked when he experienced distress wearing Western brands, which are stylish but not particularly made for Japanese bone structure. 

Deciding to produce his own brand in 2005, he learned eyewear design through training from Yellow Plus founder Mr. Yamagishi in the mecca of eyewear, the small city of Sabae, Fukui, and self-study thereafter. 

It took him 5 years and much tenacity to convince the highly skilled craftsmen from Sabae to produce for him.

Today, the Ayame brand is very much connected to the Tokyo fashion scene. Nevertheless, his design approach is not to stick to what fashion dictates. His core philosophy is to design items that make a face more beautiful. 

The brand name “ayame =菖蒲” means Japanese Iris. The flower is the symbol of Yu Imaizumi’s home town. By changing the word’s characters to “ayame =彩目”, Yu attaches a new meaning to the brand: “aya =彩” means colouring and “me =目” means eyes.

“Ayame” pursues to create a tool to colour your eyes.
Models available at our Marais store, our Printemps de l'Homme corner and on our e-shop.


"Day begins with a piece of underwear, ending in underwear"

T Cutsewn Maison is a line of original underwear t-shirt with an exquisite quality production. Its smooth touch, from the way you pick it up, fresh in the morning, to its feeling on your skin is a divine and sensitive moment of pleasure, a perfect way to start a day and end it with your bed sheets.

Since 1821, Egyptian cotton is one of the most precious cotton ever produced because of it's no-machine process during its farming. Thanks to a delicate hand-picking, the fibres stay intact and straight, making it even more stronger, softer and durable than regular cotton. Touch a bed lining or garment made of Egyptian cotton and you will never want to touch regular cotton anymore. By 2000, Egyptian cotton has been trademarked to help consumers distinguish between genuine Egyptian cotton and falsely labelled imitations. Every product made, T Cutsewn Maison products included, endorse an official Egyptian Cotton holographic GIZA45 stamp approved by Sea Island Club (Japan).
T Cutsewn Maison is available at our Marais store and on our e-shop.